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A world-class total body transformation experience built around you

The Michaud Method has radically redefined personal training and nutrition programming. We have ceaselessly refined our model with countless of clients across to create the most effective total body transformation system on the planet. 

With a blueprint built on science and driven by data, our proven methods are tailored to you as an individual. Our personalized ‘partnership’ approach gives you the structure and accountability needed to achieve life-changing results.

Total Body Transformation

Start your incredible body transformation journey today

Book a consultation and we can tailor a results-focused program around your goals.

The best investment you can make

The Michaud Method is the best place to invest in your lifelong health and achieve incredible body transformation results. Here are just some of the reasons to partner with us.


Work under the guidance of an elite-level personal trainer with a program designed around you.


Learn the tools, techniques and skills from world-leading experts to maintain your results for life


Benefit from our structure of accountability which is the ‘secret’ to staying on track and achieving the results you want.

Master Trainers
Master Trainer
Data Tracking

See quantifiable progress and real-time results. We track workouts using a progressive overload training style, and ensure real-time results by tracking changes in weight and other key health markers.


Achieve the absolute maximum results possible working with The Michaud Method. We rely on progress photos, measurements, and other metrics.


Work with a certified Sports Nutritionist to help you reach your physique goals and keep them permanently. 

Maximum results, minimum time

The Michaud Method stands apart as a leading personal training business because of the incredible results we have helped countless of clients achieve over the years.

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