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Ian Michaud


When it comes to body composition expertise, you will struggle to find anyone more meticulous and knowledgeable.

Ian and his team have helped numerous clients achieve life-changing outcomes over the years. Yet, what makes The Michaud Method special isn’t about a single individual – but the collective adventure the company has been on and the culture and vision formed from taking the 'road less traveled.' Ian's story as the founder of The Michaud Method encapsulates that journey and speaks to the very heart of what makes us tick. 

About Ian Michaud

Ian Michaud Bodybuilder.jpg

A lifelong passion for the gym

Ian had a passion for the gym at a young age. He was a two-time state finalist in wrestling during high school and continued his passion for wrestling as a Division 1 Athlete at the University of Pennsylvania. Before following the standard corporate career path, he studied marketing at the Wharton School of Business. 

During his twenties, work and life got in the way of time at the gym and in the kitchen. And he soon found himself heavily overweight, completely out of shape, and thoroughly dissatisfied with life behind a desk.

It was from this lifelong passion and the pain of straying so far from his true calling that the idea for The Michaud Method was born. 

Disrupting the fitness industry

Results above all.


Before he ever trained his first paying client, Ian realized he wanted to change the personal training industry.

Without any objective measure for clients to go by when hiring a trainer and nutritionist clients were often sold one thing and given another.

Most people just want to look and feel better. But simply giving someone a hard workout, and telling them to eat more protein, doesn't get the job done.

He saw a total lack of accountability on the trainer's side and lost trust with clients who never got the bodies they hoped for.

So he decided to build his company on total transparency and accountability. 

Every data point that mattered would be tracked without exception. 

Michaud Method Personal Training

Professionalism, accountability, and ROI

Ian's philosophy can be best described as:

“Train unfettered. No one is looking at you or judging you, and everyone wants to see you do your best. All that we care about is that you try hard because it’s not what you do; it’s how you do it.”

His goal was to take all the raw, visceral, and positive aspects of the bodybuilding in which he’d grown up from the age of 12 and bring them to a public whose only experience was the soulless corporate ‘Globo-Gym’ environment.

He wanted to synthesize this with the best aspects he had learned over the years – bringing professionalism, accountability, transparency, and above all else, a tangible return on investment for those who trusted him with their health and fitness.

Ultimately, the aim was (and will always remain) to be a trusted advisor, working with clients on any and every aspect of their lifestyle in order to help them efficiently and enjoyably achieve ‘maximum results in minimum time.’

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