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About Becky Joharie



Introducing Becky Joharie, a visionary leader and co-owner of a groundbreaking personal training and nutrition company. With unwavering dedication and expertise in the fitness space, Becky has revolutionized the industry, empowering individuals to transcend their limits and achieve remarkable transformations.


As a highly sought-after fitness professional, she combines extensive knowledge of exercise science and nutrition with a compassionate and personalized approach.


With a passion for holistic well-being, Becky inspires and motivates clients to unlock their full potential, unleashing a journey of physical and mental empowerment. With her guidance, her clients transcend their perceived limitations, sculpt their ideal bodies, and cultivate a lifelong commitment to health and wellness. Embark on a transformative journey with Becky Joharie and experience the life-changing power of their expertise and unwavering support.

A Passion for Nutrition

Becky is a Personal Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist specializing in body recomposition. As your coach, she will help you break free from diet culture, discover a new way to love your body with food and get in the best shape of your life.

Becky struggled with her relationship with food for many years. She had disordered eating habits, and body image issues thanks to fad diets and social media. Those struggles are what lead her to study nutrition.

Through science-based nutrition education and flexible dieting, she discovered that it is possible to look and feel amazing without giving up the foods that she enjoys - or punishing her body with crazy crash diets and extreme exercise routines. 

Becky is passionate about sharing this knowledge with her clients so they can finally break free from endless yo-yo dieting and reach their goals.


Take it from someone who has been there. There is a better way! 

A Passion for Body Composition

Becky Joharie is a true visionary with an unyielding passion for the art of body composition. With an extensive background in exercise science and nutrition, Becky has dedicated their career to helping individuals transform their bodies and redefine what is possible. Their expertise lies in understanding the intricate science behind body composition and utilizing it to create personalized strategies that optimize fat loss, muscle gain, and overall physique enhancement.


She believes that a well-crafted body is about aesthetics, achieving optimal health, and unlocking one's full potential. With a compassionate and supportive approach, they guide clients through their body composition journey, providing education, motivation, and accountability every step of the way. By empowering individuals to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, Becky helps them achieve remarkable inner and outer transformations.


Join Becky on a transformative adventure, and experience the power of their expertise and unwavering dedication to helping you achieve your body composition goals.

Return on Investment

Becky and her business partner, Ian Michaud, believe in bringing a unique perspective to maximizing Return on Investment (ROI) in health and well-being.


She has a deep passion for helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and combines her expertise in exercise science, nutrition, and data analysis to create transformative experiences.


By carefully crafting personalized fitness and nutrition plans, her clients optimize the investment of time, effort, and resources to deliver exceptional results.


Becky's holistic approach focuses on physical transformations, overall well-being, and sustainable lifestyle changes. With the guidance of Becky and her team, clients experience the profound impact of investing in their health, energy, vitality, and self-confidence improvements.


By empowering individuals to make informed choices and providing ongoing support, Becky ensures that every personal health and fitness investment yields the highest possible returns. 

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