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"Results, not promises" is a maxim deeply ingrained in our DNA at The Michaud Method.

Our values are founded on integrity, accountability, and unwavering excellence by delivering a life-changing experience, world-class results, and tangible return on investment for every client.

What makes us different

No other fitness business comes close to competing with the depth and consistency of incredible results we achieve with our clients.

We are meticulous in our attention to detail, rigorous in applying intelligent processes, and driven to relentlessly improve our methodologies and refine our results.

While many attempts to emulate our model, the results-driven culture of excellence and accountability we have painstakingly built over the years at The Michaud Method can never be replicated. It’s what sets us apart as a leader in our field.

Tailored Personal Training & Nutrition

We tailor our proven methods to you

Refined with numerous clients over the years, The Michaud Method training model is the most efficient and effective way to get results.

This proven formula is tailored to you as an individual. So, you can achieve life-changing results no matter your goal or starting point.

We keep you accountable

Accountability is the secret to achieving world-class results for trainers and clients.

Our partnership approach and data tracking systems create an ecosystem that ensures you can stay on track to achieve the measurable outcomes you want.

Customized Personal Training & Nutrition

Why The Michaud Method? 

Culture of excellence


Our results-driven culture is built on robust systems, meticulous data analysis, and layers of accountability at every level. 

It is a culture that demands excellence. What sets The Michaud Method apart from the hit-and-miss independent gym trainer is the unparalleled consistency, professionalism, attention to detail, and top-notch care that you will not find elsewhere. 

Data-driven methodologies

Tracking objective data and myriad success metrics cements our accountability systems and removes any guesswork from the process. 

The Michaud Method tracks everything from weight progress, calorie intake, workout performance, body measurements, progress photos, and more. This data means we can demonstrate measurable outcomes and quantifiable results for our clients. 

World-leading expertise



Our world-class expertise and data-driven approach mean The Michaud Method delivers the highest return on investment for anyone looking to change their body and life. 

Results backed by science



Our training and nutrition methodologies are built on science. We rely on reliable and credible researchers that enhance our results and shape the future of fitness. 

An environment built for success

We have created an environment that breeds success. We give clients the tools, support, systems, and accountability needed to excel. With world-class training practices and meticulous data-tracking alongside this, everything is in place to achieve genuinely exceptional transformation results. 

World-class training

At The Michaud Method, we do not use an "entertainment" training style that makes one sweat, yet the results are negligible. Our workout program is designed scientifically using a periodized progressive overload training model. This is the best training model available today, proven to build muscle and burn fat. You not only look better, but you will also feel more empowered as your strength continues to soar through the progressions. 


The one clear path to the progression of The Michaud Method system is by achieving tangible, measurable outcomes. Clear client achievement demonstrates a significant return on investment of time and money.

Real Return on Investment

We don’t shy away from the fact we are expensive. 

We are reassuringly expensive because we are the best at what we do. But price and value are not one and the same. A whole ecosystem of world-class knowledge and systems has been designed to give you quantifiable results. 

If you are willing to work hard and follow our guide to the letter, you will get results regardless of your starting point, age, or experience. 

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